Polamk seminaarit - The City and Seminar Venue

The City and Seminar Venue

Tampere - A city between two lakes

 © Tampereen kaupunki/Sami Helenius

With a population of well over 200,000, Tampere is the largest inland city in the Nordic countries and the Tampere region is one of Finland's fastest growing areas. Tampere was just chosen the most attractive city in Finland by Finns who would consider moving somewhere else in the country. Due to the city's liveliness and development, as well as its good location and efficient connections, it has great significance in the fields of leading-edge technology, research, education, culture, sports and business. Moreover, it is the very centre of police education and research in the country.

 © Tampere Illuminations

As Winter Draws Nearer...

... During the dark winter season, people in the Nordic countries long for more warmth and light. As it happens, the Tampere Illuminations winter event will present a wonderful display of lights in the city centre as a means of bringing an added sense of brightness and joy during the darkest time of the year.

About the event: Tampere Illuminations

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e Seminar Venue

© Police College of Finland 

The main venue for the seminar is the Police College of Finland. Located in Hervanta, on the outskirts of Tampere, the college is about eight kilometres southeast of the city centre. The Police College is an education and research institute operating under the direction of the Ministry of the Interior. The college area occupies approximately 21 hectares and consists of all-round teaching facilities, staff premises, administrative quarters and premises for research as well as the National Police Museum. The Police College also provides sports facilities and student apartments.


When arriving at the Police College, take into notice:

The security procedure 

Each visitor provides proof his or her identity at the entrance. Therefore, bring your identity card or passport with you.

USB flash drives

Personal USB flash drives cannot be connected to computers in the police network. Therefore, we shall ask every seminar participant who is giving a presentation to send it to us beforehand by email. Further information about this matter as well as the schedule will be provided later. 

Restaurant Sireeni at Seminar Venue

On Wednesday the 7th and Thursday the 8th of November, the lunches and coffee breaks, which are marked on the main programme, are included in the conference fee. However, the Police College's restaurant, Sireeni, will be open, offering snacks, coffee and soft drinks.

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