Polamk seminaarit - Night at the Police Museum

Night at the Police Museum

We welcome all participants to attend a social gathering at the Police Museum on the first night of the conference, Wednesday the 7th of November at 19:00.

The Police Museum from the front. © Police College of Finland

The Night at the Police Museum will be a casual event for becoming acquainted with each other, networking and enjoying some refreshments and cocktail-type snacks.

Furthermore, you can explore the Police Museum. The Museum presents the history of the Finnish Police and provides the public with information about different aspects of police work. 

The Police Museum is sited next to the Police College main entrance and it operates in the Police College premises.

National Police Museum


Research posters exhibition in the museum hall

Poster presentations will take place during the Night at the Police Museum-event, offering you another way to discuss and explore current topics in Nordic police reseach. These interesting presentations, together with an opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas in the course of this social gathering will not be something to miss.

The evening starts at 19:00, yet the poster display will be open a half an hour earlier, at 18:30.


The Night at the Police Museum is an open access social event for all the conference attendees, and it does not require pre-registration.

There will be free bus transportation to the centre of Tampere in the end of the evening, at 21:00.


Old-time spirit! ©Police College of Finland

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